Joshua Mk5 Specifications



The Joshua uses 5.56 NATO ammu­ni­tion as its stan­dard, accom­mo­dat­ing also .223, but the receiver is multi-caliber, mean­ing you can use every­thing from 50 Beowulf down to .22 long rifle, includ­ing AK 7.62x39! If you want to use any­thing larger, .308 for exam­ple, you will have to wait until we man­u­fac­ture our next prod­uct.



VERY easy to clean.



Regard­ing the name, yes, it is Bib­li­cal, and yes, we are believ­ers in the Lord.



The mag­a­zine will be AR-15, and we include a stan­dard AR-15 USGI mag with every Joshua.



Using 4140 steel and 6061 alu­minum, we are top-of-the-line in stan­dard mate­ri­als. The parts we make are milled. Bar­rels are chrome-moly 1:7 twist, heavy-taper.



As to mod­u­lar­ity, cer­tain of our parts will be AK– and AR-interchangeable, but at this time we can­not dis­close which, due to secrecy restrictions.


Options and Accessories

We intend to pro­vide a full array for our customers.



The Joshua will come stan­dard with Picatinny-compliant quad rails, of our own design, which we think in some ways is supe­rior to what’s already out there.



Stan­dard under-folder stock, East­ern bloc, removable.



It is our inten­tion to pro­vide excep­tional cus­tomer sup­port.  We are always look­ing to improve on what we have, espe­cially in the area of process. Cer­tainly, we will improve from cus­tomer feed­back. We strive to be the best.


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  1. Ryan,
    I saw you on Dooms­day Prep­pers and I am inter­ested in your Joshua MK5 rifle. I’d like to know what ben­e­fit your rifle offers over an AK-47 and an AR-15? I under­stand that it is a hybrid of the two, but I’d like to know what the ben­e­fit is over them. I was relieved to see that some­one else out there sees what the impend­ing future is; that we are fac­ing an eco­nomic break­down which will start a chain reac­tion of events includ­ing riots, sup­ply short­ages, etc. Mean­while, Nobama’s Gestapo (DHS) is arm­ing itself to the teeth with 7,000 AR-15’s (“Per­sonal Defense Weapons” or as they call mine an “Assault Weapon”), bil­lions of bul­lets, and 2,717 MRAPs in prepa­ra­tion for “civil unrest”, although Nobama states that “Weapons of war have no place on our streets”. Any­way, I’m a 14-year vet­eran Para­trooper in the Army cur­rently sta­tioned at Fort Camp­bell, KY and unfor­tu­nately don’t have a suit­able amount of arms. I only have 1 AR-15, 1 .45 Auto, and a .45LC that was a deploy­ment pis­tol. I am look­ing to expand my arse­nal of per­sonal defense weapons for me and my fam­ily of 7. How much do your Joshua MK5’s cost? Are you tak­ing deposits on them or how are you han­dling orders? I’d prob­a­bly have to put a deposit down and come up with the rest by the man­u­fac­tur­ing com­ple­tion date. Please let me know, thanks! –SSG Jason Axel­son, Sr. US Army

    1. Hello, Jason. Sorry this reply has taken so long.

      First, thank you so much for your ser­vice to this great nation.

      Regard­ing the ben­e­fit of the Joshua, it will be a fan­tas­ti­cally reli­able machine in adverse con­di­tions. It uses the AK action, but AR accu­racy. It’s using the enemy’s gun with Amer­i­can engi­neer­ing. Right now, the Joshua is $895 plus taxes and deliv­ery, so it will be $1013.45 for out-of-state. We do take deposits, and we will need you to fill out a con­tract, which is on the web­site. Please note that, per the con­tract, we have three months from the date of full pay­ment to deliver your Joshua.

      We at Amend­ment Arms are cer­tainly aware of the com­mu­nist plan now in effect, one which is attempt­ing to bring cor­rup­tion out in the open, accepted by peo­ple under duress or by threat. We resist all of it and rely on God. Keep the faith and keep plant­ing seeds. Thank you for being on the side of right (how often do you hear THAT?).

      Please let me know if you have any ques­tions. All the best to you and your family.”

  2. Hello, I was directed to this site through my uncle, who fre­quently watches Dooms­day Prep­pers. I have not due to the fact that we do not have tele­vi­sion in our house, although I have watched it from time to time. I have had a very seri­ous inter­est in Russ­ian weapons, the AK-47 and AK style rifles in par­tic­u­lar. I love the attrib­utes of them, the fact that they can with­stand a pretty good amount of abuse and the fact that they fire 7.62x39mm, which packs a lit­tle more punch than 5.56. When he told me some­one was com­bin­ing an AK with an AR the first ques­tion that popped to mind was “What are they com­bin­ing?” From the video I have seen it looks like a much more accu­rate AK, that fires .223, is a lit­tle more ergonomic, and is a lit­tle more mod­u­lar than the stan­dard AK. The con­cept is incred­i­ble, and I am very inter­ested. I saw posted some­where that there could poten­tially be con­ver­sions made in the future for 7.62, as well as a few other things.I was won­der­ing if you could out­line specif­i­cally what you hope will be avail­able in the future. Thank you for your time, and I am very anx­ious to hear back.
    Jared R.

    1. Hello Jared:

      Thank you much for your keen inter­est, espe­cially being a Prep­per. Regard­ing the Joshua Mk5 plat­form, you are cor­rect in your asser­tions. The Joshua in fact uses an AK-47 plat­form but shoots 5.56/.223 with AR ergonom­ics. It can also be described as “an AR that doesn’t need much clean­ing,” which I think is its strongest sell­ing point. The con­ver­sion to 7.62 will come later, per­haps in 2013 but cer­tainly 2014. For now, the Joshua is only avail­able in its native 5.56/.223. The future opens when we finally build, test, and patent our first Mk5. This should be July of this year. After that, we will offer con­ver­sion kits for 7.62, .300 BLK, and .22LR. Then, we bring out the .308 ver­sion. Stay tuned!

      All the best,
      Tom Wise,
      Gen­eral Manager

  3. I am very inter­ested in the prod­uct to say the least. It would be fan­tas­tic if you could could show pics that dont reveal inter­nal struc­ture. Weights would also be be very good infor­ma­tion to have as this is a huge sell­ing point. I also believe you should offer the rifle in 5.45 because of its flat tra­jec­tory, low cost, bar­rier pen­e­tra­tion, and its dev­as­tat­ing wound channel

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