March Madness.….at Amendment Arms.…. that is!

Greet­ings again everyone,

We hope this update finds every­one doing well and gear­ing up for a beau­ti­ful Spring.

The past sev­eral weeks have con­tin­ued to prove fruit­ful as we con­tinue our tra­jec­tory of orga­ni­za­tion and sys­tems. We are so excited to have cut receivers last week and are in the sec­ond phase of them being complete.

Ryan has been work­ing long and dili­gently get­ting some of the more tedious busi­ness details in posi­tion for our year ahead and it is very excit­ing! We are stream­lin­ing processes and costs which is only good news for YOU, our most impor­tant people/persons in this Amer­i­can owned company.

We con­tinue to receive phone calls and check ins, our call list is long but we con­tinue to work to reach out to each of you.

We thank you for your patience, trust and for all of the kind­ness we have been given when we are speak­ing to each of you.….it is always amaz­ing to hear from those who believe just as we do that this path is the way for­ward.
Please con­tinue to fol­low us on Face­book, and if you have not yet done so, I ask that you please “Like” us so we can see that you have been there. Keep fol­low­ing up weekly for updates here and as we move for­ward we will have more infor­ma­tion avail­able on the website.

Again, thank you one and all,

Rebecca Croft

Amend­ment Arms, Inc.

Also, please take a minute to give us feed­back, we wel­come all :


What is going on at Amendment Arms, Inc

Greet­ings everyone!

Wel­come to you if you are vis­it­ing our site for the first time; wel­come back and thank you to those returning.

Many new items of inter­est regard­ing the last sev­eral weeks. We will begin with some housekeeping:

We ask that you begin using these listed chan­nels for com­mu­ni­ca­tion and only expect a response from Ryan Croft through the com­pany email: Our busi­ness phone num­ber remains the same: 828−676−0225


We are in our 4th week of reor­ga­niz­ing our shop/work space and it looks fan­tas­tic, clean, clear and (mostly) clut­ter free. This has been quite an intense process but we are feel­ing good about the way things are shap­ing up. Prior to this change back to appro­pri­ate lead­er­ship we did not have our offi­cial web­site active, now we do!

Also, we are very active on Face­book, this is where you can find daily, active updates. This valu­able tool was not being used but it is now and we believe it is the most effec­tive way to gain easy access and con­tin­u­ous pho­tos and updates on this cut­ting edge Amer­i­can Owned Firearms Man­u­fac­tur­ing Com­pany. (****PLEASE, if you have not done so, please come “Like” us on Face­book!) Our first goal is to reach 5,000 “Likes” Nationwide!!

Ryan Croft, CEO, Founder and Inven­tor is going to be avail­able to talk with each of our cus­tomers when you call our shop, we feel access to our CEO and designer is an essen­tial part of our busi­ness. No inter­fer­ence will greet you.

We ask kindly for your patience as we con­tinue to iron out the wrin­kles but we want to express that we appre­ci­ate each and every one of you. This is an Amer­i­can founded and oper­ated com­pany that is PROUD to be an AMERICAN, we will con­tinue to assist each and every one of you in your pur­suit of pro­tec­tion of LAW**LIFE**PROPERTY**LIBERTY we are excited to bring the life back to this incred­i­ble company.

Stay Tuned:

  • We will have easy check­out but­tons for debit/credit cards installed in our web­site soon (we are wait­ing for final con­fir­ma­tion from Dwolla, a secure mer­chant portal)
  • Video to watch
  • Cur­rent Events and links to them
  • Updates on Production

Again, we thank YOU, the most impor­tant person/people in our com­pany for vis­it­ing our site, and for your loy­alty, it means so much!

Rebecca Croft

Amend­ment Arms, Inc

Please let us know you were here by send­ing a note, we wel­come any and ALL feedback!


Update June 6, 2014

Hello, every­body! Please note our new mail­ing address is Amend­ment Arms Inc., Post Office Box 1462, Arden, NC 28704.


Bar­rels are now in full pro­duc­tion mode. Just look at that beau­ti­ful fin­ish!


Update for March 2, 2014

Below are pho­tos of a fin­ished Joshua MK5, uti­liz­ing the under-folder stock.


Update for February 4, 2014


The change from pin­ning to thread­ing the bar­rel proves to be the right move. We will have an enor­mous jump in sta­bil­ity. In mak­ing this change, we also improved the fin­ish. See pho­tos below.

NOTE: The square hole you see will be the threaded area for the bar­rel inser­tion. We wanted you to see a bit of this, in process.


We will be test­ing for the next 20–30 days. Fol­low­ing this, we will begin deliv­er­ing product.

“Joshua Mk5” — “Joshua MK5” — “Joshua Mark 5″ are trade­marks of Amend­ment Arms Inc. Patents Pending.

Thank you for being an Amend­ment Arms customer!